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Join us here at FUEL House Fitness Studio. Whether you want unlimited access to all our classes or just want to stop by every other day for a quick cardio session, we offer customizable membership packages, so you can design one that’s best for your lifestyle.



Our Unlimited Monthly Membership is $70. This is our most popular membership category, providing flexibility for people on the go. So you can get started exercising without any worries. You live a busy life, so your membership should reflect your lifestyle. The account auto pay is linked directly to your checking account, credit or debit card every month.There is a enrollment fee of $24.99, you can cancel your auto pay with 60 day written notice. A $24.99 enrollment fee applies yearly & re-enrollment of memberships and cancellation.Pay with CHECK or DEBIT/CREDIT   card.  NO refunds. All early cancellation are subject to 1 month membership fee.



An easy and flexible option for anyone who attends classes 1 - 2 times a week. Class pass is available in 10 Class Pass options $110.00 Class cards are valid for 3 months. Cannot be frozen or refunded. All sales are final on pre-paid class pass. (Not valid for Master Classes or Special Events)



This is a great way to try out a new class (no commitments!), fit in an extra workout when your busy schedule permits, or if you like to vary your workout methods throughout the week. And since we don’t require a long-term commitment, this is a convenient option for those who are just visiting the area to attend classes while they are in town. Simply show up for class, pay the $12 class fee and join the fun!


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Membership Options : Membership Options
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